febrero 26, 2010

Gorgeous stats video on “the state of the internet”

Gorgeous stats video on “the state of the internet”: "

The exponential growth of the internet never fails to amaze me.

Every year, you think it couldn’t possibly be more influential, or huge, or humanity uniting, and then you see videos like this one. Plus, it’s done in a soothing yet hip color scheme with fun graphics included so you can wrap your head around figures like “billion,” “trillion,” and “Europe.”

If you dig stats, check out the video below on the crazy strides made by the internet in general in even just the last month. (For instance, 247 billion e-mails are sent every day. 200 billion of those are spam. And why is Facebook so slow to load sometimes? Because 6 million other people are all trying to be on it, too, every minute.)

[Via Mashable]


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